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Orbit Baby G2 – Celebrity Stroller Review

The Orbit Baby G2 Stroller is popular with celebrities and cool parents alike. With its ingenious design, it is definitely one of the coolest and easiest strollers to use on the market.

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Orbit Baby G2 Stroller

This is the second generation design from those cool people at Orbit Baby – a company of passionate and committed individuals who have spent almost two decades developing their products.

Their clever SmartHub 3D system, allows you to move the comfortable and generous sized seat around a full 360′. The seat can also recline so its fully flat for when your baby sleeps. To keep your baby cool in the summer or warm in the winter, the Orbit Baby stroller features built-in air conditioning in the stroller seat and the seat also has a removable and reversible insert with a fleece on one side, really useful for the winter.

The frame on this Orbit Baby supports the longest handlebars we’ve come across, extending to 46 inches. There is also a parent tray for keys, etc and on the seat a useful bumper bar which supports a food/drink tray with a removable cover.

There are some truly cool accessories for the Orbit Baby G2; we really liked the Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board (featured left) which the older siblings actually love. It attaches in a skateboard style and riding position onto the Orbit Baby G2. The only problem is if you’re older child has a friend, you’ll need to buy two boards!


With the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller Travel System you get an upgradable 3-piece ‘starter system’ with the all important SmartHub base. This base acts as the interface for the Orbit Baby Car Seat or Orbit Baby Bassinet (sold separately). You can dock the car seat from any position and twist to lock, in around 60 seconds. Its also very easy to ensure your baby is safe and secure, as you have a visual reference on the base to make sure its locked (black) or unlocked (red).

To store you only require one hand move to fold the Orbit Baby Stroller and it nestles so compactly that you can fit it all in the trunk of a mini car! The Orbit G2 also has an enormous canopy with a ‘paparazzi’ section that covers your baby entirely from the view of the press, or if you’re not a celebrity its a useful feature for when your baby is asleep!


“This is an exceptional baby stroller, designed and packed with great ideas to make it easy to use and fun to get around with your child. We recommend the Orbit Baby G2 and their Travel System as a great investment for your baby’s comfort and safety”.