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It seems with prams, baby strollers, buggies and pushchairs these days, there is a plethora of choice out there. Many stroller reviews miss out on detail, so please read on to discover more about the designer strollers now available for you and your baby.

The quality end of the baby stroller market which my research is focused on, seems to offer a whole variety of beautifully designed, practical strollers, prams, buggy and pushchair choices. There are travel systems, strollers with eighteen different choices of configuration like the Baby Jogger City Select, through to really classic designs like the Inglesina Classica Pram, which although designed with a modern twist, suggests how prams used to look like in the days of our great grandmothers.

There are a few products that are so uber-cool, they actually turn the other parents heads! The Bugaboo Cameleon is one such stroller, which you can purchase in cool colors like pink, sand or dark blue as well as other more regular tones like red. The Bugaboo Cameleon stroller comes with a bassinet for your new baby. As they grow, the Bugaboo’s easily reversible seat also allows your baby to face you or face the world ahead. Eye to eye contact is important and useful in those early months, giving your baby the security to see you which also encourages bonding.

Now if you are a mom or dad that spends time checking out the malls and cafes with your friends, oh and baby – of course! The Stokke Xplory V3 Complete baby stroller is maybe a preferable choice for you. This is a very stylish, light and maneuverable stroller that adjusts easily and fits all table heights in cafes and restaurants, letting you raise your baby to your level.

From another perspective, if like me you are an active parent and maybe fancy keeping fit not just for, but with your baby, there are proper outdoor brands like Bob and their fantastic range of Evolution ‘jogging strollers’. These are perfect to keep baby comfortable, warm and safe, while you run around the park before or after dinner.

Finally, if you already have your family planned out, my research suggests the next and my final choice should be a high contender as it will grow with your family. The Uppababy Vista is another good looker and full of useful additions and features. This stroller comes supplied with a toddler seat, suitable from 3 months to 50 pounds or around 3 years. Very easy to convert to a car seat or normal seat it features red/green ‘successful attachment indicators’ to ensure your chosen seat is properly connected and there’s an (optional) ‘piggy back’ running board that is fantastic for older siblings or other children to use. Of course the option is always there to add another choice of seat to double the strollers capacity as required!

If you need more clarity there are more review websites out there than strollers to hold your hand and lead you through the many choices of products, before you commit to between $500 – $800 + investment. Find a really useful review site, maybe one who use parents to review the products so you get reliable feedback. Also, I suggest wherever you are in the world, you try out the stroller you like first at a retailer. Then make a decision, and finally use the web to get the best deal. And as a fully loaded baby stroller will set you back around $90 for delivery, use a reliable stroller site that offers free shipping and delivery like Babys First Pram.

Good luck with your trip into the world of baby strollers and please remember, the research is vital before you purchase. I really hope this has given you a brief insight into the stroller market, which as a new parent really can be a minefield!

Remember the stroller is the first small step – wait for the college fees!


This article was written by Clarissa Baker – a writer, TV Critic and busy mother of three. For further information presented in this article please visit

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Lets be clear about this, when you were a child it’s quite unlikely you remember much about which stroller you spent the first three years of your life being pushed around in? It’s also equally unlikely you would giggle incomprehensible nonsense, only slightly understood by your 2 yr old sibling, about how proud you were that Mom bought you the Watermelon colored ride with the Quadshock independent suspension!? No? Well watch out, because the onslaught of the Designer Strollers has arrived!

If you are about to be or are already a new mom, the chances are much more likely you will have noticed the explosion in choice, style, design and colors of the Baby Strollers out there in the marketplace, malls and parks of our cities. The detail and comfort features that some of these strollers offer, makes you seriously consider a second childhood. I don’t remember my stroller having air conditioning, a canopy with a paparazzi section to hide me from the press, or a padded fleece insert for the colder weather when I was toilet training. But if you are lucky enough to be pushed around in an Orbit Baby G2, which, by the way is a favorite with many celebrities you get all that and more! You can also sit to the side chatting to your pal, while being pushed along. As this product has a cleverly designed system where mom or dad can easily move the seat and a full 360′ to wherever you want to sit and I’m not joking about the paparazzi section of the canopy!

There are some designer strollers that seem to have it all. One such example for me, cleverly mixing practicality and style really well is the continually popular Bugaboo Cameleon. This is another stroller found popular with celebs, and has the advantage of coming with a bassinet for your younger baby and the designer seat for the older child, so designed to grow with your family. Of course it comes in designer colors including pink, sand and orange and has a cool all black special edition, which is very sleek and puts it high in the top 5 of my designer stroller league.

So, as revealed the designer strollers come in all shapes and sizes, color and prices. Also, as you get more familiar with the variety available, you will get to expect certain features on the strollers as standard. If you haven’t got independent suspension, 12-inch air filled tires, a 5 lever safety harness with padded shoulder straps, no…? Then, probably better you don’t show your face around this exclusive daycare center anymore! Finally on a serious note, the engineering and work that goes into developing these almost space-age creations, means you do get a lot of stroller for your dollar, with very useful features and great design and practicality.


This article was written by Clarissa Baker – a writer, TV Critic and busy mother of three. For further information presented in this article please visit

© C. Baker 2011